Bolt Capital

BOLT Capital will provide a bespoke preferred equity and / or JV equity offering for property transactions on a case-by-case basis.

BOLT’s management team has extensive knowledge of both lending to and investment in the real estate market. BOLT will opportunistically consider deals for preferred equity or JV equity.

Other Product Types

Senior Debt

BOLT Capital’s senior CRE product allows you to take advantage of opportunities to purchase property, refurbish or replace existing finance.

Auction Finance

Our senior product has also been adapted to offer auction finance.

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Mezzanine Debt / 2nd Lien Mortgage

BOLT Capital will offer a 2nd Lien Mortgage facility called ‘2LM’ through its subordinated debt product. This is secured against a second-charge lien on the investment property.

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Bespoke Deal Structuring

BOLT Capital provides a deal structuring service for large ticket deals for professional and institutional investors.

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